Service We Offer

Our pharmacy provides several services that will assist you in maintaining a good state of health.  We would like to remind you that we offer a complete line of vaccinations, administered by certified personnel, and most of which are covered by your prescription insurance plans.

In addition, our pharmacy also offers a free personal and comprehensive review of your current prescription and over the counter medications.   This review will assist you in revealing possible side-effects, drug interactions, suggestions for preventative care, and information that can provide you with relevant and significant prescription drug cost savings.  

Additional service available:
  • A complete line of convalescent and durable medical equipment
  • Fully stocked or special order, if necessary, of support and compression hose
  • A complete line of diabetic needs
  • Supplies for equipment for respiratory ailments
  • Special prescription compounding services
  • A complete line of unique pet foods and vitamins
  • A complete line of holistic medications and nutritional products
  • A specialized department that carries supplies, pumps, and equipment for new mothers and new babies
  • A comprehensive supply of geriatric needs
  • Drug Cassette planners designed to assist patients with their drug regimen when multiple medications have to be taken

These programs are our way of thanking you for helping us to become one of the leading independent Pharmacies of the North Shore and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Services We Offer

Last Updated: 3/24/2014